What makes a Safety can ?
Safety cans are specifically designed to help eliminate hazards associated with storing and transport of flammable liquids. OSHA regulates that any business, employing one or more people must store flammables in an approved safety can. Presently, there are four manufacturers of approved safety cans in the U.S.A. and Safeway Products is recognized as a leader in the industry. Safety cans utilize a flash arrestor in the fill spout of all cans. this arrestor helps prevent flammables from igniting around a spark or open flame. Safety cans also have an automatic closing spout that prevents spills should a can tip over. These spouts also are designed to relieve pressure from within should the contents become hot, thereby reducing the chance of an explosion. The Department of Transportation regulates flammables that travel on the highway's. They mandate that all flammables that travel on the roads must have their spouts and pour mechanisms protected from spills. These cans are called DOT cans and must also be approved for their use. Safeway Products Inc. manufacturers the broadest line of safety cans that meet these specs and are UL and FM approved for this use.

Why choose Safeway instead of a compeeting brand ?
Safeway Products is unmatched in quality, offering the following benefits;
   One Hand Pour Control, Exclusive design provides fingertip control of liquid flow rates and pouring volume. Ergonomic design allows for easy lifting and tilting of the can by eliminating the two arms, shoulders and back muscles from working against each other.
   Reliable Double Torsion Spring, Is the most important line of defense in preventing an explosion or flash back into the can during fire exposure. Automatically relieves internal pressure, preventing can explosion, even in a fire. Spout cover spring guranteed to hold explosive vapor at 3 psi minimum and is tested 10,000 cycles fully opened and closed.
   Full Flow Flash Arrestor, Protects flammable contents from external sparks or flames. Full flow design allows for faster filling at the gas pump and reduces annoying nozzle click-off. Quarter turn cam locking ring meets the requirement to be replaceable and secure in place.
   Vapor Contrl Flexible Nozzle, Directs the flow to control spilling and the escape of toxic vapors. A brass tip prevents sparking or static build up, thus eliminating the hazard associated with plastic or poly containers.
   Baked High Gloss Corrosion Coating, Solvent resistant DURA-Clad Coloresin Coating over a premium grade terne plate steel ensures durability, solvent resistance and long life.