Drum Accessories
Model        Description
F12FCL    Drum Funnel w/fusible link, self closing lid for 2" threaded drum         flange & 6" flash arrestor, 3 gallon
DC55        Horizontal Drum Cradle with lifting handle
DW114    Drum Plug Wrench, spark resistant with 1.25" open end faucet             wrench
BRF34    Drum Safety Faucet, rigid brass, self closing
ZNF34    Drum Safety Faucet, zinc, self closing
DP35        Drum Pressure Relief Plug, 2" thread, (min 3p.s.i./max. 5p.s.i.)
RPH        Rotary Pump, 3/4" x 8ft., 10 gal./115 revolutions
RPS        Rotary Pump, spout & drip pan, 10 gal./116 revolutions
PPS        Piston Pump, fixed spout, 25 gal./100 strokes
GWAA    Grounding Wire, 3' with dual alligator clips
GWTA        Grounding Wire, 3' with terminal & alligator clip
GWCA    Grounding Wire, 3' with c-clamp & alligator clip
CGAA        Grounding Wire, 10' coil with dual alligator clips
CGTA        Grounding Wire, 10' coil with terminal & aligator clip
CGCA        Grounding Wire, 10' coil with c-clamp & alligator clip