Stack 'N Store
Stack'N Store is a versatile containment basin  with a capacity to hold four 55 gallon drums and a spill capacity of 65 gallons. These units may be stacked up to three high when drums are placed on standard four foot pallets. They are molded of chemiclal resistant polyethylene for long life and easy cleaning.

Master Cradle
Safeway's master cradle system holds steel or plastic drums in 30 and 55 gallon sizes. Models are offered to hold either 2 or 4 drums. Integrated self-aligning lugs provide extra support. Patented drip tray captures spills, leaks and drips. Drums may be replaced with stack intact. A 65 gallon capacity sump placed beneath the cradle provides spill containment should a drum fail. All components are made from chemical resistant polyethylene.

Poly Port-A-Cradle moves easily across plant floors on heavy duty large industrial casters. Contoured cradle eases loading. Internal sump has a capacity of 30 gallons.

Model         Size            Weight    Sump        Load
                                Capacity    Capacity
SSS 4        49.1875 x 49.1875 x 10.25     30#        61 gallons       N/A
MC 1        55 x 30 x 30               70 #        65 gallons    1600#
MCD1        55 x 44 x 6               20#        65 gallons       N/A
PCR 1        42 x 30 x 24.5           45#        30 gallons      800#