Outdoor Chemical Cabinets
The economical way to store drums of hazardous chemicals outdoors and remain in compliance with EPA regulations. The 100% polyethylene cabinet resists both chemicals and weather and is easily lockable for security. The spill containment sump safely hold leaks and spills eliminating expensive clean-up costs.  Four drums may be loaded ona 48" x 48" pallet and stored vertically. Optional rear doors create a "pass through" design. Door opening is 51" x 51"

Model          Drum    Size            Weight    Sump        Load
                                Capacity    Capacity
OCC 4    4    55.5 x 55.5 x 68    190#        110 gallons    3200#
WPV 2    2    50 x 28 x 63          85#          61 gallons    1600#